Chris Tyler-Smith

Chris was one of the 3 founding partners of Rooster digital in 2010. Since its beginnings, Chris has helped Rooster grow into the highly successful full-service agency that Rooster Marketing is today.

Chris’ unwavering passion is strategy and the implementation of an action plan around the use of Digital Marketing. Chris prides himself on his ability to see digital in relation to a business’s core objectives.

Seen as a key opinion leader in the industry, Chris travels extensively to research, present, plan, create and execute digital marketing strategies. In particular, for large B2B global organisations and emerging brands, all based around and focused on industry leadership, innovation, intelligence, market research, lead generation, brand awareness, and, ultimately, profitability.

From small businesses to large international corporations, Chris brings extraordinary gumption, leadership skills, passion and drive into play whilst launching brands and giving insights into business development.

Having spent over 25 years working in, watching and helping the development of traditional routes to market into a modern marketing world, Chris has worked with many globally acclaimed client, including; SGS, De La Rue, Bendicks, QPR Football Club, NHS, Werther’s and John Guest.

Founding Partners