Local SEO

Claim your neighbourhood – dominate your city.

Local search keeps growing and changing, and it’s one of the most important slices of the SEO pie as it exists today.

With technical, content and off-site optimisations, we’ll make your website eligible to rank in map listings, local packs in search engines and make a bigger impact in mobile search.

Google maps local search

How we help smaller businesses.

For businesses with a limited number of locations, we fully appreciate that you have to split your time between engaging with your marketing and spending time with your customers. We’ll do the leg work for you, by using Schema markup and off-site profile buuilding to help search engines find the relevant information about your business.

  • Check online listings off your list, almost effortlessly
  • Build trust in your customers and in search engines
  • Know when it’s working and when to take action

How we help enterprises.

With locations spread across a large geographic area, we know you need a solution that can scale. Efficiency becomes increasingly important as you continue to grow, which is why our dedicated team of specialists can offer you the most productive outcome.

  • Minimise inputs, maximise outcomes
  • Defend your brand’s online presence

Local SEO by BUZZ.

We’ve worked across a range of industries and company sizes, from retailers with over 500 locations to service-based FTSE 100 companies. Through this, we have developed strategies to set up sites and systems in a structured and efficient way.

Step 1 – ensure your listings are accurate.

  • Go through all listings and verify them, claiming any unclaimed properties
  • Ensure the information is correct
  • Identify malicious updates that have been made to negatively impact you

Step 2 – automate.

  • Identify backlink opportunities from your listings
  • Use Schema markup to ensure that local results are updated as you update your site

Step 4 – optimise.

  • Ensure that your listing is showing relevant information on any events you may be hosting
  • Update your listings to promote information regarding accessibility, management and payment options to capitalise on search