Improve visibility in search engines.

The team at BUZZ has decades of hands-on knowledge of all aspects of SEO. We’ll work directly with your site and content, or apply a consultancy approach for a project that you’re working on – to help you work your way up the rankings, match user intent and propel your business.

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Technical SEO.

A search engine’s priority is to show users the best answer for their search. If they do that job well, then users will keep coming back. But what can Google actually see when it looks at your site? Making sure the information is available and that the site works easily and quickly is at the heart of technical SEO.

There are a huge number of factors when it comes to technical SEO – but even incremental improvements can increase the visibility of your services, offers and content.

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Content SEO.

Create engaging content that people want to consume; search engine-friendly product descriptions, shareable blog content or educational pieces about your services. We deploy content SEO to create the content you and your customers need.

Find out how we can find your customer’s intentions, and write in a way that highlights the significance for search.

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Backlink strategy

Backlink strategy.

The links coming into your website from other sites have a profound impact on your search engine rankings. It’s our job to ensure that your site is appearing on reputable sites – and to deal with links that are damaging your backlink profile.

It’s a technical skill that’s often overlooked. Fortunately, we have specialist tools and a team of experts that can offer you advice and get your website back in shape.

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Local search.

Local search optimisation is always evolving. Your business profile must have the appropriate contact information, images and opening hours – but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Not only will your listing appear in maps more accurately, but with the right setup and maintenance, you can showcase events, offers and products in an extremely high profile way. Plus – having everything up to date and optimised will increase the visibility of your main website in search – what’s not to love?!

Our local SEO expertise

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