Hunt down previous visitors – nail that conversion.


Are you letting your customers leave your site – then never speaking to them again? Seems like a waste to us. Up to 70% of your visitors could be more likely to convert when they’re sent tailored display ads, after they’ve left your website.

Google Ads

Catch them while you can.

You have a limited amount of time to catch visitors to your site – normally 30 days (or up to 540 days on Google’s Display Network), depending on your website’s cookie settings. High-value products with a longer purchase journey, like a home or car, might necessitate a longer cookie lifetime – but generally, if you haven’t converted them after a month, you probably never will.

Remarketing uses cookies to follow users across the web, giving you the perfect opportunity to gently remind them they looked at a specific product. Offer your visitors discounts to get them interested again, or show them that an item is back in stock. There are plenty of ways to use remarketing, and list of possibilities is endless.

All it takes is some tracking code on your website to build audience lists, some excellent creative and the expert minds to pull it off. And we’ve got everything you need to get started.

Precision targeting.

It takes skill to create a digital footprint of your customer. And where you run your ads will depend on the level of targeting available. The Google Display Network is just one of many display networks – and some offer more targeting options, like household income, political views, employment status, or if users are homeowners.

We’re master audience-builders; our research phase builds a map of your customers, which will dictate where we run and how we target your advertising – for maximum impact.

Shorefield display ad on mobile phone