Bing Ads

Increase your ROI with optimised paid search campaigns.

Our strategy for PPC campaigns is a little different. We don’t charge based on spend – we help you drive results without artificially increasing ad spend.

The experienced, established BUZZ PPC team delivers quality marketing campaigns and strategies that produce amazing sales results – for a whole host of successful businesses that we’re proud to work with.

First, we review and research.

Before spending any money on a Bing advertising campaign, it’s critical that we have a clear understanding of your budget, your product or service and your target audience. Our Bing Ads specialists use that information to research paid search opportunities and present you with an outline strategy that suits your budget and will achieve your goals. We carefully analyse ROI through different channels, to ensure that your ads are being surfaced in the most cost-effective and impactful way.

BUZZ does Bing.

Our rivals approach Bing PPC by looking at what works and investing in that. Our approach is to add value.

With deep analysis, we have the experience to understand what would benefit your business. We can tell if your brand campaign is working for you proactively, or taking traffic from other channels.

By using the additional segmentation targeting tools offered by the Microsoft Advertising platform, we can build a profile of your audience and how they interact with you. We’ll deliver you a section of the market and increase engagement with your more profitable sectors, and use the information the Microsoft offers to better leverage campaigns you may choose to run in other advertising environments on the platform.