Google Ads PPC

Premium advertising space that works to any budget.

PPC advertising takes care, attention and experience to get right. People who suggest that it’s an art, not a science, are plain wrong – it’s both.

Smart campaign management makes the difference between promoting and converting. Squeeze every possible return out of your spend when running a high-yield, precision-targeted campaign.

Google Ads

Analytical, tactical advertising.

Our longstanding experience with Google Ads enabled us to develop a structured approach – one that allows for flexibility and precise targeting, to ensure your ads are put in front of your potential customers, with an effective and efficient spend and a conversion optimised approach.

We approach every client’s solution individually, to create the most effective campaigns possible.

Step 1 – deep analysis.

It goes without saying that to sell something, you need to know the product. BUZZ examines your products, branding and the culture of your business, to become an extension of it that can sell effectively.

We analyse the market. By understanding what you are competing against using our industry-leading tools, we can identify the areas you can compete in – and the areas that you can dominate.

We’ll take the time to understand what’s working for you. By looking at your site’s analytics, we can see what’s performing and what your audience does when they reach your site. This informs our process and helps us create recommendations for you. We’ll work to capitalise on the most desirable parts of your website and improve areas that aren’t performing.

Step 2 – campaign creation.

If you’ve run ads in the past, we use this data to inform what’s working and where you can expand. Often, it highlights areas that are under-performing due to market changes. We take action to reallocate the budget and optimise for ROAS.

We segment your audience and test their behaviours. Aassumptions are often made when bundling customer groups, but this is the stage where we confirm them or re-assess them. Using a series of ads on a single campaign, we run tests to identify the best approach for your business.

Step 3 – ongoing scrutiny.

Your campaigns will be closely monitored, improved and tested, to ensure peak performance. We’ll research, create, deploy, report – and repeat – to build a mature, expert-level account that continues to achieve your goals.