Display advertising

Reach your audience wherever they are, with targeted display ads.


Display advertising is a high volume, low cost way of getting your brand in front of your customers. Think of it as the TV of the internet – but far more targeted and intelligent.

Google Display Advertising Demographics

How display advertising works.

It’s simple.

  1. Create your ads, which can be animated or static
  2. Upload them to a display or programmatic network
  3. Set your targeting and budgets
  4. Generate lots of impressions and clicks!

There’s a little more to it than that. Display campaigns can easily go astray with broad targeting, ineffective ad design and poor campaign timing. And that’s what our display advertising experts, right here in the BUZZ hive, are here to help with.

How BUZZ does display ads.

It all starts with intensive analysis of your marketplace, brand, product and your competitors. If you’ve run campaigns in that past that didn’t work, we’ll look at those, too, pinpointing exactly where things went wrong. We’ll suggest alternative approaches based on our expert knowledge and digital marketing experience.

We’re not just strategists and bid adjusters – we also have access to an award-winning creative team. As part of the Rooster Group, BUZZ has the minds that can create perfect display ads for your brand. We’ll show you exactly what gets customers clicking and converting.

After the research and the ads, the next stop is targeting.

Shorefield Display advert in situ

Next-level ad targeting.

Targeting makes or breaks display campaigns. One wrong demographic or interest and you’re selling meat to vegans, as we call it. Each display network offers a different range of targeting options, based on the data they collect from their platforms; geographic locations, age, gender and interests – and much more.

You can go even further by running a programmatic display campaign, which targets individuals wherever they are on the web. And then there’s remarketing – which encourages users who have already interacted with your website to come back and convert.

Discover more about remarketing and targeting.