Pinterest Ads

Pinterest – where users decide how to buy.

As a powerhouse of image sorting, Pinterest has intrigued marketers ever since it was born. Now a Google product, advertising tools have awakened the beast within; a place where 72% of users make their offline purchasing decisions. It’s time to pin your interest to the board.


Powerful advertising, real world results.

Promote images, videos and carousels, as well as mobile-only app marketing for iOS and Android.

Pinterest advertising is goal-oriented, and a specific outcome must be decided before project inception. The options include goals like app installs, website visits, video views and increasing brand awareness. On a platform so viscerally visual, your content needs to look its best for the target audience – who could be previous customers, undecided customers and new prospects based on keywords or interests.

BUZZ creates visually stunning content for ads on social networks, formatted and crafted to the specs required for maximum impact. By combining detailed audience research with video, animation and design, we’ve propelled businesses through the next stages of their digital development.

We’ll make you look good.

Our social content design wraps the process up perfectly, giving you complete control of your campaign – plus access to some of the industry’s best design talent. We’ll help you create your wildest dreams or a knockout ad; but before we start, we’ll learn everything we can about your audience, to give your visuals the best possible chance of achieving your goals.