LinkedIn Ads

Tap into Microsoft Advertising, with LinkedIn Ads.

LinkedIn, under Microsoft’s guidance, has become more powerful than many would have imagined. It’s an excellent recruitment platform, an effective tool for business promotion and now – it’s an advanced advertising medium.

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The #1 B2B lead generation tool.

Boost content. Deliver personalised advertising to LinkedIn inboxes. Generate leads in minutes.

LinkedIn advertising represents a quantum leap in B2B marketing and recruitment. Developed to help businesses grow, LinkedIn Ads combine the world’s largest professional network with some of the most powerful targeting tools in marketing. Thanks to a growing pool of talent on the platform, there are more opportunities than ever to get the results your business needs.

With its combination of advanced advertising tools and targeting options, LinkedIn is the killer app for businesses in a variety of niches.

Target the right audience.

LinkedIn Ads let you target users by any degree of their profile; job type, position, key skills – the list goes on. But the targeting tools go a step further, giving publishers tools to promote content into the feeds and mailboxes of those most relevant to your business. LinkedIn Ads give you control over where you appear and who you appear in front of – so with our pre-campaign research, we can effectively target an audience that will get you results.