Instagram advertising

Stunning campaigns, flawlessly delivered.

Powered by Facebook’s mighty advertising platform, Instagram lets you reach a huge, diverse pool of audiences – but you’re going to need the right content to pull it off. BUZZ crafts data-driven campaigns made to fit your audience, for measurable results.


Award-winning integrated campaigns.

Be the change you want to see in the world. Our campaigns cross the line between the real world and the social media world, making Instagrammable moments that audiences can’t wait to share. It all starts with research, and ends with the results you’ve been looking for.

Forget followers; become the object of obsession. We’ll show you how we’ve helped our clients turn their social media advertising budgets into real-world change for their businesses – just by playing to their audience.

Made for the ‘Gram.

Looks come first – even if your whole brand aesthetic is anti-beauty. If it’s going on Instagram, it better look good to your audience. That’s the striking thing about Instagram; it’s just that more geared towards the visually-driven. For impact in that colourful, noisy, busy news feed, you’re going to have to do something exceptional – and if you’re paying to be there, you’re not going to want to take any chances.

By combining our expertise in audience targeting and campaign management with masterful social content design, BUZZ reaches the people who matter with ads they’ll never forget.

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