Facebook Ads

Data-driven advertising, measurable results.

Facebook’s granular, razor-sharp ad targeting lets you reach anyone – with tailored content based on their interests, location, life stage and more. With 2 billion users and counting, Facebook looks an awful lot like the holy grail of digital advertising.

Facebook Ads


Facebook has changed the game of advertising forever. Even with a relatively small budget, you can affect real change in your business. Gain notoriety, build your brand – or push specific products and services. The secret? You can choose who gets the ads, based on an incredible wealth of user data, at specific moments in their lives.

Target people by age, location – or dive in deep to target life events, for ads that strike at the exact right moment. Facebook’s targeting is complex enough to allow specific groups to be reached. With Facebook advertising, we’ll find your key audiences and manage multiple, expertly delivered campaigns; on budget, on time and tailored to maximise ROI.


Great targeting and campaign management isn’t enough: you still need a message. Our social content design factors in everything your audience responds to, for unforgettable ads that hit the exact tone required for success.

Our expertise extends to strategy, copywriting and creative content for social media – and it’s a knockout combination. With careful research, we find your audiences, as well as the content that will convert them into customers. With full control over Facebook ads – from targeting to creative – our team has delivered integrated campaigns with huge impact, turning visibility into sales.

Thakeham Facebook Ad


Generate leads, promote products, make sales – whichever way you’re winning customers, it’s our job to win you even more. With Facebook advertising, all you have to tell us what you want to achieve, and we’ll formulate the strategy, content and delivery to achieve it.