Social media management

Your own team of social media experts.

Big on ideas, big on service – our in-house social media managers act like an extension of your own team. We’re always available, vigilant and prepared, with a suite of monitoring and publication tools that keep your social media channels flowing in the right direction.

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Seamless customer service.

Responsive, accessible businesses give their customers more opportunities to interact with them. Social media is an excellent promotional tool and customer service platform, giving your patrons convenient access to support – and businesses a clear line of communication.

Growing businesses need social media managers they can trust to communicate effectively, in their brand tone of voice, armed with the support that their customers demand. The award-winning BUZZ team works closely with brands to understand the core of their business and get to know their audience – to deliver a seamless service from customer to client.

Stay relevant, delight your audience.

Use your social media channels to hijack the news – or to create the news yourself. Use proven tactics to grow your follower base and audience. Our social media management team takes time to learn about your business and brand inside and out, to communicate like your own team would. We’ll then create the content that matters to your audiences, monitor success and continue to grow your presence across social media.

We’ll also stay ahead of the developments in your industry, and take your expertise to your waiting audience – turning them from followers to fans. By monitoring and modifying successful content, we’ll help your social media channels turn out hit after hit.

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Proactive, reactive and agile social media management.

The BUZZ team always makes things happen; putting out content for positive engagement. But we all know that business doesn’t run smoothly all the time – and when things go wrong, we’re quick to react. When customer service goes public, it’s on social media first. And if left unattended, a simple problem can escalate into a PR nightmare.

We’re skilled in crisis and online reputation management for those times when, through no fault of your own, things just go wrong. We can advise on a consultancy basis, or muck in and do the work for you – whatever works best for your busy team in their time of need.