Influencer marketing

Target the trendsetters.

Think beyond your perception of an influencer, beyond the household names and TV stars. Instead, think of the mum bloggers advocating rear-facing car seats, the anglers reviewing the latest gear – the kids unboxing toys on YouTube. These individuals can fly social content straight to the moon, and take you with them.


Pitch perfect.

Every niche has its star, but they’re not the only people in the game. Finding the low-key players that align with your brand can be tricky, unless you know where to look – and what to offer. Influencers aren’t always who you think they are, or always in the places you’d expect.

Our research gives us the right tone, attitude and content to approach our targets with, giving your campaign the best possible chance of sticking and making waves among the audience. It gives us the confidence to pitch proposals to influencers that will be beneficial to all parties, and get you the coverage you’ve been seeking.

Influencing the influential.

We don’t just seek partnerships with influencers; we look for ways to influence their feeds with content we know they’ll love, putting it where we know they’ll see it – with the same methods we use to target general audiences, only with laser precision.

Influencing the influential takes background work: research, development, creative and deployment – finding the emotional triggers that will get a positive response from the people we want to reach. Their lives are out there for all of us to see, so we have all the data we need to make a map of their most shared, most liked content – and create more of what they want to see.