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Establish your brand in the places that matter.

BUZZ was born from a love of social media. We have extensive knowledge about all social media platforms, using them effectively to promote businesses, charities and brands – with the kind of content that audiences demand.

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Control your social media presence.

Take control of your brand, in the very public sphere of social media. Steer the conversation, provide support and make your public relations run smoother. Our social media management services monitor, broadcast and converse with your audience – acting as an arm of your customer service, and a promotional platform for your business.

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Publish extraordinary content.

Make the kind of content that your audience can’t ignore. Our in-house research, design and production team delivers exceptional social content that gets results, in the most suitable format for your platform and audience. Don’t just recycle the same old content, promoting competitors and bumping up someone else’s stats; make it for yourself.

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Influence those who influence.

Influencer marketing is a big pile of rubbish, isn’t it? Isn’t it just fraudulent clicks, fake followers and zero ROI? Maybe – if you’re mistaking the term ‘influencer’ for the word ‘celebrity’. Look beyond the veneer and into the substance, to find the accounts that literally influence others into action. Work with them or make them work for you, with ego bait, interviews, memes and ultra-refined targeting.

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