Video marketing

Video killed the radio star. And everyone else.

Every marketing manager knows the stats on video. It’s the hottest thing in the world right now and most of the internet consists of it. You can answer just about any question in a video; how do I make egg-free cupcakes? What’s the best budget car? Why does the same side of the moon always face us? Video is killer content – but only if you get it in front of the right people.

Video shoot

YouTube, Facebook Video, Instagram TV – everywhere.

Don’t want people to skip your ad? No problem. Only want to appear in front of a specific, targeted audience? We’ll find them. Need a memorable, attention-grabbing video to hold it all together? Let’s shoot it for you – or cut your existing assets into a format that works on your target platform.

BUZZ will research and implement supercharged video marketing campaigns that speak to the right audiences, at the right time – through advertising and paid promotion, seeding and promotion or a potent combination of both. Our team knows what makes a video successful; it’s not the views or the likes – it’s the difference it makes to your bottom line. And we’re here to deliver.

Don’t just advertise – accelerate your brand.

Reach more of the right people with pinpoint social media targeting. Dial in your targeting down to the tiniest detail. Run ads that change with the weather or react to specific events.

Use your time in the viewer’s feed to win that click, and start them down the funnel to conversion. We’ll take your video marketing from hodgepodge to hyper-targeted, for the maximum return on your investment.

Google Display Advertising Demographics

Timing is everything.

Video ads are annoying – and that’s the truth. But if they’re compelling, timed down to a tee and relevant to the viewer, they can be super effective. We’ll help you find the perfect balance.