Content promotion and influencer marketing

Spread it around like jam on toast.

Even the best piece of content ever made needed promotion – but sometimes, catering to the smallest, most specific audience can lead to global notoriety. It’s all about knowing your audience, having a great eye for a story and doing whatever it takes to hit your goal. And at BUZZ, we don’t stop ’til we get enough.

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Target influencers. Let them do the work.

Influencers aren’t just Instagram celebrities and TV stars; they’re the people who literally influence the decisions of others. They’re the mum bloggers advocating rear-facing car seats, the guitarists reviewing the latest gear – the kids unboxing toys on YouTube. Most of us have never heard of them, but their audiences love their content enough to hang on their every word.

Reaching out to these influencers with content that they’ll love is just one avenue for helping content explode; where there’s a story, there’s opportunity for press coverage. Getting that kind of exposure takes a lot of work, but the value to your business can be felt for years to come.

Earned media, outreach and PR.

With the right tools and expertise, our team seeks out journalists, publications and bloggers in niche fields to pitch content to. Sometimes, the right story has all the makings of a hit in the wider press – and we can even engineer strategies to achieve viral content by deconstructing the viral hits of the past.

Whether it’s unique data or an exclusive story, our target will want something special. With BUZZ, you’ll have the capacity to create the very thing they need. Let’s make it happen, and win that coverage.

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Tiny seeds grow into mighty trees.

The mightiest oak started as a tiny seed – the acorn sprouting its first shoots, trembling toward the sunlight. But look at it now, towering over the landscape. In much the same way, seeding content can have the same effect, letting an idea take root in a community until it spills out. Finding audiences on specific platforms and tailoring content to them is an extremely powerful promotional tool. Those communities hold the keys to virality, you just have to know how to play it – and we’ve got plenty of tricks up our sleeves to get your content seeded and growing.