Strategic content marketing agency

Research-driven, results-focused.

We don’t just make things for the sake of it. Behind every word, graphic or interactive we create, there’s a wealth of research and a clearly defined set of goals. This strategic approach lets us deliver stronger campaigns, standout pieces and the results that you came to us for.

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Building a rocket? Better do some research first.

Apollo 11 might have been the first mission to land on the moon, but it wasn’t the first Apollo mission (the hint’s in the name). In fact, the first Apollo mission couldn’t have possibly gone any worse. It took almost a decade of research, development, testing, tragedy and triumph to accomplish that first moonwalk.

And your business has probably experienced the content marketing equivalent of a failed rocket launch; thousands spent on ideation, creative and production – only for the campaign to be a complete flop. No interest, no links and no ROI.

No moonwalk.

Why? Because nobody wanted that content in the first place.


Focus on the goal, not how you get there.

One of the hardest lessons to learn in content marketing is that just because you think it’s a great idea, it doesn’t mean everyone else will. Your bubble is the most restrictive barrier to your success. By stepping out of it, you’ll be able to see beyond what you want – and into what you need. And what you need is actually what your customers need. Your content will succeed when you make it for them, not for yourself.

That’s why BUZZ works backwards. We start with the goal and end with ideas to produce. That’s why we’re confident that our work will give you the result you want. It’s the difference between blasting off into hyperspace and falling off the launch pad: we research, stress test, prove and refine – even after we’ve launched – to give your campaign the best chance of reaching the highest height.

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How BUZZ builds a content strategy:

First, we define success; what do you want to achieve? Once we’ve got a clearly defined KPI, we research the content that achieved the same. We reverse-engineer each piece we uncover, to find out how it worked, and until we find a pattern: the theme that ties all of them together. That’s when we start your strategy – what to make, who to pitch it to and how we’ll measure success.