Content Design Agency

Content design that knocks off socks.

Ideas only get you so far. If you really want to make a difference, you need to act – to make something of it. BUZZ takes content design to a new level, creating engaging, standout pieces that will delight your audience over social, web and digital media.

Hold on to your socks…

Content design

Exclusive access to world-class creatives, designers and art directors.

BUZZ is part of the Rooster Group, which gives us exclusive access to their creative team. The same team that has propelled global and national brands in print, traditional media and online will be responsible for the creation and design of your campaign collateral.

The content strategy and research phase will inform the design, ensuring a clear brief that turns out the results we set out to achieve. Graphic design, 3D and 2D CGI, animation, interactive pieces, video assets – whatever your campaign needs for success, we’ll make it.

Intent matters.

We’ll only create the content that will achieve your goals; regardless of how big or small. We’ll find out what that content is during our research and strategy phases, as we uncover the intent of your audience.

The best result might come off the back of an animated video, a brilliantly crafted case study, a search result that serves your blog or an infographic on Pinterest – maybe even a well-timed meme. If it gets the result you came to us for, our world-class team will deliver it.

Content strategy planning

Design for your target audience.

Looking good is important… sometimes. Most of the time, it’s completely overrated. There will be occasions when dirty, bodged-together content will fly for miles in a place where slick design would flop. It’s all about knowing the audience and the delivery platform – and knowing what they intend to do with that content.