Inspiring home buyers to purchase a high quality prestigious new home in a turbulent market.

Brand engagement, brand development, marketing strategy, photography, 3D animation & CGI

Thakeham a Fast Track 100 company provide high quality, stylish new properties throughout Surrey, Hampshire and Sussex with a series of ongoing housing developments.

Despite building a successful business, Thakeham’s existing brand was diluted across each campaign which was impacting sales, and as with any housing development, selling houses quickly is paramount to higher profit margins.

Rooster were chosen to refine the brand and ensure consistency across their printed materials and marketing going forward.

Our relationship with the client quickly strengthened and we’re now a key asset to the company, involved in a wide variety of activities to support the marketing campaigns.

Showcasing a stunning showhome through art directed and emotive photography.

The creation of the brand guidelines highlighted the need for compelling photography to showcase these stunning homes and the level of detail the craftsmanship provides. Rooster carefully curated a storyboard of shots inside and outside of the existing two show homes, keeping in mind the need for digital and print imagery.

The photo shoot was undertaken over a single day to minimise disruption to their viewing schedule. Rooster provided our Art Director for the shoot to ensure every shot was crafted exactly for their specific purpose. The shots from the day were carefully edited in our studio to make them print and digital ready.

Reviewing and refining a brand to strengthen their image in the market.

As we started marketing activity with Thakeham, Rooster ran a brand evaluation exercise which helped us to understand how the current brand was being used. We discovered that it was being diluted across each campaign and there are differences in brand and tone of voice across every platform. We used our findings to build a more refined brand, which ensured consistency and consideration when applied to each platform it was used in.

It needed to be clear that every potential customer would recognise the development as being a Thakeham development, which in turn boasted it’s high quality craftsmanship. During the branding exercise we created a set of guidelines for future work to abide by, ensuring a long-term brand identity across all developments. We’ve worked alongside Thakeham to pull the brand in-line with the new guidelines across every platform, not just marketing but also the website, brochure copy, facebook and many more places.

Bringing a Thakeham home to life before the concrete has been poured with hyper-realistic CGI.

To bring the new build homes to life before any concrete had been laid Thakeham commissioned a series of house CGI’s, street scenes and detailed site plans for each development.

It was essential the CGI work reflected the quality of each home and allowed potential homeowners to envisage what each home and surrounding plot would actually look like. The street scenes allowed customers to see each house in situ along with how the road sits alongside the homes, which start to build a strong image of the community they may be buying into.

When selling a home that’s yet to be built, it’s hard for customers to imagine what it could be like to live in, or how big the spaces would feel. To combat this issue Thakeham commissioned 3D floor plans, which combined with the CGI imagery of each home, helps each customer to really see how the homes are laid out and what to expect. These floorplans also included furniture which was essential to customers in understand the space that was available to them. This sense of space was essential in encouraging potential homeowners to invest in a home they couldn’t see or touch, before it’s foundations had even been laid.

The CGI’s Rooster delivered have since been included across various marketing collateral, including on the website and in our high quality brochures. They are a key component in all marketing communications and will be until all the sites are built and photography is completed. Currently it looks like the homes on some sites will be fully sold before photography will be needed which is excellent news!

Inspiring communication with a consistent tone of voice across all materials.

Rooster’s in house expert copywriters worked alongside the designers in creating effective and emotive written pieces for all marketing communications. Their understanding of Thakeham’s tone of voice and brand guidelines ensured all communications were and continue to be succinct across all platforms. Alongside the main brochure and printed materials, we also worked to write engaging copy for Facebook advertising, optimised website pages for PPC and all advertising.

Research was conducted on each developments local area to understand what living there is really like, what amenities there are and what local connections are available. This allowed us to sell more than the stunning homes but also selling the villages and towns they will be built in. This research added an extra layer to the brochures and website copy by showing customers how desirable Thakeham really are.

Designing prestigious printed material in line with Thakeham’s focus on quality.

Rooster created a range of luxurious and desirable brochures that showcased homes in various developments. We ensured that all brand guidelines has been adhered to, whilst being creative in our designs.

To achieve such a prestigious look to the brochures, the print was just as considered as their design. We chose textured paper combined with foiling to the covers and a matt drop seal on the exterior so you are able to feel and see the quality. The inside was gloss to ensure images were bright and the brochure was easy to flick through. The care we took over the quality of the look and feel of the brochures combined with our emotive and sharp photography reinforced Thakeham strive for prestige and quality further.

Our work on the development brochures opened the door to create smaller supplementary leaflets such as Help to Buy. We wanted to simplify this somewhat complex offering into succinct points that their customers could understand with ease. The leaflet helped to explain the help to buy process from start to finish, which in turn highlighted Thakeham knowledge of the housing market, and their willing to help new homeowners in getting on the property ladder.

Rooster also created a direct mail leaflet, focusing on each individual development and Thakeham commitment to quality. These needed to inspire cold audiences to discover more about Thakeham and each local development. These mailers are heavily inspired by the original brochures, using a similar tone of voice and imagery to communicate the prestige Thakeham wanted to portray.

Planning a strong and effective media schedule to showcase Thakeham’s new homes to their target audience.

Rooster worked to create a detailed and audience-focused media schedule to promote the opening of the Halstead Lanes development’s show home. It comprised of both local press combined with highly targeted digital activity covering the local area around the development.

Our specialist knowledge of media planning ensured the advertising was placed in the most effective titles and digital spaces for Thakeham target audience. The schedule focused around the launch date, but we had factored in any crossovers with other developments’ planned media schedules to ensure we weren’t saturating the publications by having too many Thakeham ads in them.

All of the media activity was expertly negotiated to ensure Thakeham received good value for money, which helped with their overall ROI for the media activity. Post sign off we booked the schedule, ensuring our account management team had time to receive feedback on artwork prior to supply to media owners by deadline. Rooster also created a supplementary plan of additional activity which included radio, magazines, outdoor and additional digital channels that could be utilised.

Creating a flexible and easy to use email template for clients future use.

Thakeham wanted to be in control of their own email campaigns, but also have the same look and feel as the rest of the marketing activity Rooster have created.

Our developers created a bespoke email template for Campaign Monitor, which was on brand and consistent. We also created a series of new email campaigns for a selection of their new developments to get the email activity off the ground.


Optimising PPC activity towards high-quality pre-qualified audiences to increase conversions and lower CPA.

We took over Thakeham’s PPC from their previous agency with the intention of updating and improving the current activity and promoting the 5 new developments.

The current activity was very broad so we paused it and created development specific campaigns, focusing on specific highly targeted keywords with location modifiers. This ensured budget was only spent on high-quality traffic; people who are actively looking for the types of property Thakeham are offering.

In the first two months since taking over the PPC, we’re seeing a vastly improved CTR, up over 2700% on the previous activity. We’re also seeing a much larger number of conversions with an increase of 193% on the previous activity. We’ve also decreased the CPA by 15%, showing our activity is far more effective than previously.

We will continue to run these campaigns until these developments are sold and are planning ahead for future development launches already. Our approach is effective, cost-saving and can be scaled up for many more developments.


The future…

Our relationship with Thakeham has grown from strength to strength over the last year. We continue to work with them as advisors on new developments, writing content for emailers and running their PPC campaigns. We’re gearing up for the launch of a new and exciting development, keep your eyes peeled and watch this space!

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