Improving visibility in a competitive market with a comprehensive rebrand.

Web development, responsive website design, photography, SEO

Tax Innovations are an established firm of Chartered Tax Advisers and Accountants in Winchester, London and the South East. They work with both individuals and international businesses, which reflects the diverse set of talents and skills their team possess.

Developing a customer-centric brand identity through in-depth brand workshop sessions.

The new Tax Innovations brand had to be professional and smart, whilst at the same time showing the team are approachable and reliable when you need them. We ran a selection of brand workshop sessions with customers, staff and upper management to understand what the current brands’ strengths and weaknesses were. This helped us to shape where the brand needed to be for Tax Innovations. Their customer-centric approach was the driving force behind the company’s rebrand. This is also carried through in the colouring of the new website, stationery and social branding.

Showing personality in a faceless marketplace.

To bring the website to life we spent a day at Tax Innovations head office capturing imagery to use across the website. The staff feature prominently to show the brands more personal side, which was essential to ensure they stood out in the competitive, and otherwise faceless marketplace. We populated the site with a series of candid shots that captured the team at work and the company’s state of the art offices.

Alongside the general photography used across the website, we shot a range of highly polished and professional headshots, which helped to reflect Tax Innovation’s professionalism, credibility and character. The final imagery capture Tax Innovation’s essence; reliable, friendly and experienced, which complement the visual of the site and branding.

The finished photographs capture Tax Innovation’s essence; reliable, friendly and experienced, which too is carried across and complement the visual of the site and branding. This could have only been achieved by using a full-service agency like Rooster.

Designing a customer-centric responsive website which incorporates insights from the brand workshop.

The brand workshop gave us a strong insight into not only the brand, but the challenges Tax Innovations faced with their website. Alongside this, we discovered how customers access and use the current site and what needed to be changed. This feedback fed directly into the design of the new website, making it fully customer-centric, focusing heavily on UX/ UI. It was essential the website was easy to navigate and access information which influenced the more simplistic design choices made.

Keeping ahead of the competition with highly strategised search engine optimisation.

As a part of our ongoing relationship with Tax Innovations, we created and continue to implement a focused and fruitful SEO strategy. We first undertook a research project to understand what the core keywords for their business are, current rankings in the search engines and competitor activity. This information showed us where their strengths and weaknesses lay alongside how competitors are achieving high rankings which we used to inform the current strategy. We also worked closely with the business and marketing teams to understand new opportunities in the market they wished to target, along with improving current areas of business.

This lead to the creation of a strong SEO strategy that we are still undertaking now, as SEO involves constant attention and optimising to produce the best results. This has involved optimising current content, creating focused content to boost rankings in select keywords alongside technical fixes on the website to ensure UX isn’t compromised and we are not penalised by the search engines. We also utilised information gathered from their contact forms to understand customers questions which we have turned into articles or added to relevant pages

Since starting SEO with Tax Innovations we’ve seen our target keyword rankings go up by almost 500 places. This combined with there being a volume increase of over 2,000 since starting shows a huge level of growth in their organic search.
We’re also seeing fewer results in the SERP pages which may be down to our careful targeting of keywords, including more long tail keywords than before. Which means we’re showing for fewer generic and non-profitable terms and more highly targeted and conversion-focused searches.

Successful low-cost search advertising in a crowded and competitive market.

Alongside our search engine optimisation, we’re also managing their pay per click (PPC) account. We monitor the account frequently making bid adjustments and optimising towards the most successful ad copy alongside standard PPC best practice activities. The keywords were targeting are in a competitor heavy market, meaning CPC’s are generally higher than your average keyword.

We successfully increased clicks by 320% since taking over the PPC account and CTR by almost 600%. Our continual optimisation has seen the avg. CPC drop by 27% and our avg. position rise by almost 10%. Tax Innovations are now seeing a huge number of conversions come through from PPC, where before they were very low. We focus on driving down the CPA and currently we’re down 87% since taking over, and seeing CVR rise by 127%!

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