Crafting point of sale and nostalgic PR for Werther’s Original.

Brand engagement, advertising, content marketing, video production

Storck is an internationally renowned confectioner and chocolatier, which started as a candy manufacturer in 1903. Storck’s main UK brands include Bendicks of Mayfair, Werther’s Original, Riesen and Toffifee.

Storck approached Rooster to carry out the design and production of point of sale assets. In-store displays, branded promotions and packaging overlays were included as part of the work. This initial work developed further into shooting a video for a PR exercise, the creation of internal materials to support the introduction of new products and aligning the brand in all communications.

Creating point of sale for new variations of classic brands

Storck approached Rooster to create point of sale assets for their key UK brands – Werther’s Original, Toffifee, Merci and Bendicks. Rooster and Storck have a long history of working together, so we had a deep understanding of the brand guidelines in place. Our graphic designers enforced brand consistency across all the new designs we created. These carefully crafted designs were used in-store, to promote new versions of Storck’s classic confectionery. These designs differ slightly from previous work as they had to be far more sales focused due to the nature of their placement, delivering the concept of a value brand over a high-end product.

Our experienced graphic designers worked to develop these designs into various pieces of POS artwork including complex stands, dump bins, wobblers and more. Our team worked to not only place the designs into these formats but to create CGI renders to see how everything looks prior to printing. This ensured that all POS artwork was correctly placed and printing/ construction would go smoothly.

Delighting customers in a nostalgic film for Werther’s Original

Rooster also helped film and edit a successful PR exercise for Werther’s Original. The PR team at Storck created a unique event – they crafted a pop-up replica of the classic sweet shop from past advertising campaigns in a busy shopping area. Staff offered free tasters and engaged with the crowd, promoting the brand in a positive and memorable way. Rooster edited footage captured throughout the day into a succinct, fun summary of the event. The resulting video showcased the product, brand and customer reactions.

An ongoing marketing relationship.

Rooster has been working alongside Storck and their sub-brands for over 6 years now. We’re proud of every piece of work we’ve created for them, and even producer that Storck continue to return year on year for our expertise. Every new project or challenge we face with enthusiasm and Storck are always delighted with our hard work.

Carol McCaghy
Senior Brand Manager
Storck UK

“The team at Rooster are friendly, efficient, creative and a great agency to have a long relationship with. Always able to manage tight deadlines and deliver great marketing materials whatever the request!”