Campaign-driven medical marketing.

Branding, marketing campaign, website Design, photography, art direction

RDT (Remote Diagnostic Technologies Ltd) designs and manufactures medical devices, specialising in pre-hospital care and vital signs monitoring. RDT came to Rooster for a brand and marketing campaign. We issued a brand workshop, a microsite for a product launch, corporate video production, multiple photo shoots and a new, fully responsive website.

Repositioning RDT with a brand focused campaign led to their acquisition by Philips Healthcare.

Brand workshop.

To give all our work for RDT an effective direction, we kicked off with a Brand Workshop. This allowed both Rooster and RDT a deep understanding of their audiences, purpose, future vision, brand values, company personality and their brand hierarchy. This exercise involved us spending time with RDT’s senior management, in all departments, and with their associated partners, to evaluate their existing brand perceptions and devise the best strategy.

Targeted photography.

To really bring the Tempus ALS microsite to life, we carefully planned, directed and executed a photoshoot. This included the utilisation of ambulances, models and actors – all of which were needed to create a simulated emergency situation. This was vital to ensuring that the Tempus ALS could be seen by EMS professionals in relatable situations, so that its unique selling points could be recognised; all the necessary functionality without the extra weight.

Video direction.

We directed, shot and edited a captioned explainer video that features on the RDT website, showing the value of their products in use. The entire emergency scenario, including props and actors, was sourced and directed by Rooster. 2D animation overlays  were added in post, adhering to the initial vision we proposed.

Rolling out a new brand.

The new branding was rolled out to the organisation, to be applied to physical and digital materials. After the company was acquired by Philips Healthcare, Rooster applied the new assets for compliance with the global Philips brand.

A responsive website.

Rooster designed and built a responsive website that matched RDT’s medical positioning and branding – employing the photography and video captured during our directed photo and video shoots. The design echoes the values of RDT –  precision, speed, efficacy – and gives these concepts form.

Campaign results.

Our brand campaign with RDT was well received, and repositioned the company a rising healthcare equipment manufacturer. This ultimately led to RDT being acquired by Philips Healthcare, taking the RDT brand global.

Other projects.