Building a strong, recognisable brand.

Responsive web design, photography, art direction, brand identity

PolarSeal researches, manufactures, and supplies flexible material conversion applications for industries – ranging from healthcare to aviation. PolarSeal approached Rooster looking for a new website, accompanying photography and an overall brand alignment. The new website and brand update reinforce PolarSeal’s position and reputation.

A website made with PolarSeal’s precision.

When PolarSeal first came to Rooster they did so with a website that focused solely on their machinery and production process; It was a harsh site that was very matter-of-fact. What Rooster Marketing did was, after extensive market and company research, design and built a website that shifted this focus to celebrate PolarSeal’s amazing people with machinery being secondary. After all, with any manufacturing business, your team are your primary tools.

The new fully responsive website for PolarSeal truly reflects their corporate ethos and skill as a producer. It too is a clean cut and highly functional site, which, intentionally, serves to highlight their heavy involvement in the medical sphere.

Photography focused on quality.

We directed a photoshoot to capture images for the new website that complemented the new design. Our aim was to portray PolarSeal as high skilled and high value. To achieve this, we planned natural shots to capture staff at work during the production process. This included capturing individuals, separately checking products or working collaboratively. The lighting in these images was critical; they absolutely had to be clean, light, bright and white.

The photos gave PolarSeal that modern twist they were looking for. The inclusion of key tones, whites and shades of blue all helped to achieve this and provided a subtle nod toward their heavy involvement with the healthcare industry.

A cleaner, stronger brand.

PolarSeal’s old brand lacked punch compared to the new corporate feel and imagery. Their logo featured burgundy and yellow, colours that contradict their primary manufacturing focus of medical equipment and bandages. We updated their logo to include cool blues and crisp whites – colours that emit a clean, clinical feel. The inherent harshness of these colours was softened by the website photography and by bringing people into focus.