A complete UX/UI overhaul and brand modernisation for a leading global flight-tracking company.

Marketing strategy, Brand development, Web Design

Plane Finder is a real-time international flight-tracking app owned by Pinkfroot, available on IOS, Android and web browsers. It’s the original plane tracking app, allowing users to view, contribute and share data on over 12,000 planes in real-time. The app can be used to monitor delays, search plane and flight history and using AR identify planes flying overhead. Since 2009 the Plane Finder app has been downloaded over 123,000 times!

Plane Finder first approached Rooster to unify their handful of apps, with a brand redesign and UI/UX app review. Working closely together our teams have continued implementing this rebrand across multiple applications. Including a redesign of their desktop platform, 3D app and on-going SEO and PPC services.

Creating a new brand that aligns all of Plane Finder’s entities into one consistent identity.

Plane Finder needed a refreshing new brand to encompass their 3 apps and desktop version. We approached this with a research piece first, looking at competitors in their market alongside how disruptor brands like Airbnb’s branding works. We had to incorporate the fact Plane Finder has a dual audience into this process, as the brand needs to represent two separate things. Our designers worked through a variety of concepts for the brand, looking at different approaches and angles before deciding on the final outcome.

Our work on their new brand identity has been turned into an in-depth brand guideline document. This document not only outlines the style guides for each app and website but also includes information on usage on different platforms. These brand guidelines are used by Plane Finder staff as well as externally for PR exercises and more. They ensure consistency across the use of the brand in every environment.

Supporting the launch of Plane Finders new 3D application design.

Rooster worked closely with Plane Finder in assisting their launch of the improved 3D version of their classic app. This involved working on the UI/UX of the existing development and incorporating the refreshed branding and identity into the design whilst retaining the 3D apps independence from the main version.

Promoting downloads through focused content, SEO and highly targeted PPC advertising for two different audiences.

Plane Finder has two distinct and different audiences who use the app – the holidaymakers and the advanced plane enthusiasts. This required two very different approaches with content marketing, SEO and PPC activity, ensuring that nether audience felt alienated from the brand messaging.

The PPC campaign has seen over 15K downloads of the app since starting the activity. Whilst this is the main KPI for the campaign we’re also seeing a strong CTR of almost 4% which is much higher than the benchmark of 2.18% for the travel market. This combined with a low CPC and CPA shows it’s a cost-effective strategy.

Our international SEO strategy involved a large amount of content research, understanding what works for competitors and users, then using this information to devise a content strategy that aligned with our target keywords. This combined with our content tweaks and technical fixes has made Plane Finder rise 191 places in the rankings since starting the activity, which is still increasing.

With the app trying to capture two different audiences – the holidaymaker and advance planespotter – we branded, optimised and advertised their app and desktop flight tracker through search engine optimisation, content marketing and Google PPC advertising

A strong partnership in planning, design and development going forward.

Rooster and Plane Finder have been working hand-in-hand on various projects since ___. Our relationship with them has grown significantly, as we are now their go-to for new ideas and concept creation. The team at Plane Finder regularly contact Rooster to discuss new ideas and ways to utilise data on their app, which we take forwards and provide creative design and development solutions with.


The future…

Currently Rooster are in the midst of working on a complete website redesign with the new brand identity at the forefront. Our designs heavily focus on the how we can utilise Plane Finders vast database into useable and digestible content. Our SEO team have identified various uses of the data, that can be easily visualised and is customisable by the user for their needs. Our aim is to cater to the curiosity of their current client base, but also reach out and be a go-to for accurate, real-time flight information for press, individuals and business’.

We’re very excited about this project, but it’s in construction currently. We’ll be updating this page as soon as it’s live!