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John Guest is an international manufacturer of world-leading plumbing systems, including the innovative Speedfit push-fit plumbing system. Their pipes and fittings are used across the world, not only for plumbing but also for compressed air systems, drinks vending, automotive design and telecommunications.

John Guest is a family-owned company since being founded in 1961 by the man himself, John Guest, and was successfully sold to an Australian company RWC in 2018. The original values of respect and decency are very much alive today along with the determination to run a company where the quality of product and it’s excellence of services underpins the company ethos.

John Guest came to Rooster with their need to develop a selection of technical tool and assets for their sales team to utilise. This original need spanned into a selection of different projects targeting different audiences, both B2B and B2C.


Technical projects that deliver.

Rooster worked on a selection of smaller projects with John Guest, both B2B and B2C facing. This includes a digital room tour, which offers domestic plumbers the ability to use interactive schematic diagrams as a means of exploring and accessing more information on John Guests domestic products. This has resulted in the user journey from discovering through to purchasing becoming more seamlessly integrated, which has placed John Guest at the forefront of customer satisfaction. By also ensuring that the iconic John Guest remained consistent through these two features, overall brand engagement is further cemented.

We also worked on creating two web applications for the sales team to use, one to find your local sales agent and another to find a local stockist. They use postcode lookup and radius targeting to show the sales agents which are closest to their postcode (within a 10-mile radius), essential for John Guest’s sales teams as currently, they don’t sell their products online. Alongside this, we created a custom microsite as part of a European product launch for UK, Italy, Spain and Germany in order to promote the ‘Universal Connector’ and showcase how the product works.

Consolidated regional microsites into one, easy to manage website.

Rooster created a fully mobile responsive, multi-regional and multilingual website which is built using an open source CMS to allow for quick and easy content updates to pages, products and articles. The previous separate websites were combined into one easy to manage solution that is flexible for future development.

The result, a modern, seamless solution that hosts John Guest’s 6,000 plus products, movies, case studies and much more. The site has now elevated John Guest to the position that they needed to be in and is generating more sales leads to the team. Furthermore, admin time has been greatly reduced now that the team can manage their own content.

In the first quarter of the new website going live, we saw excellent engagement stats on analytics. Large number of sessions coming through and a low bounce rate of 37%. Users were staying for 5 pages per session for over 3 minutes a time. The website combination and focus on UX helped improve engagement across all channels online.

Keiran Sandal,
UK Graphic Design Manager
John Guest

“Professional, friendly, knowledgeable and an agency that delivers, we continue to work with Rooster on our creative, web design and digital solutions.”


Research for smarter insights.

We wanted to gain a better understanding of the key competitors for push fit plumbing and establish what sources or websites tradespeople use to keep up to date, with either industry news or for day to day business.

The interviews supplied us with all of the information we were looking for – and a lot more. The connection between Speedfit and John Guest was comprehensively explored. We were able to clearly establish which websites and sources tradespeople used frequently for their business.

In terms of key competitors, we not only identified them; we were able to assess their strengths and weaknesses. In addition to this, we obtained key insights into branding and the importance of product placement. We discovered how tradespeople rated other John Guest products, what the brand was best known for and the most important product features. This information was invaluable for future marketing.

Rising up the rankings through technical and content SEO.

Rooster has been working closely with John Guest in SEO for their Speedfit range. We’ve worked hard to combine short-term technical fixes and long-term SEO strategies that have helped John Guest with their current website until their new one is live. We ensured that no SEO time was wasted on activities that would be defunct when the new website is launched.

We worked to fix a large array of technical issues the site has which helped with site speed, user experience and general SEO. Our main focus was to optimise all content on the site, to ensure all images and pages have meta titles and descriptions. This combined with our header optimisation, the creation of carefully crafted product category paragraphs and SEO optimised blog articles have helped to boost our rankings. We’ve also been working on an on-going backlink strategy which will help raise the profile of John Guest as a leader in their field, whilst assisting in gaining more authority for the site.

Other projects.