Stand-out brand identity and web design.

Brand Identity, Graphic Design, Responsive Web Design, SEO

Glenhawk are short-term property finance lender, offering competitive and fast loans for a range of property professionals.

As a start-up business, Glenhawk sought Rooster’s help to successfully launch the company into the finance sector as a short-term property finance lender. The brand needed to stand out in a crowded market with a unique proposition, and we agreed that creating a brand identity that represents Glenhawk’s ethos was key alongside a responsive web design that is flexible and can be easily added to and adapted as the company grows.

Putting a brand name to the start-up company.

When we first started working with Glenhawk they didn’t yet have an agreed company name. We carried out a naming exercise where we put some of our most creative minds together to provide Glenhawk with a shortlist of company names, alongside their associated connotations and meanings, domain availability and costs.

A brand identity that supports Glenhawk’s overall message and business goals.

Since Glenhawk didn’t yet have an established reputation in their sector, creating the right branding was fundamental to stand out against competitors, whilst retaining the right level of professionalism.

Colour was primary to the branding process – we worked with Glenhawk to choose an appropriate colour palette that represents their brand and what they stand for. Green was chosen due to its association with money, stability, growth and prosperity which are essential to a finance lending service.

Rooster created the logo for Glenhawk, which consists of a bird that is subtly linked into the typographic mainly noticeable in the G, symbolising the flight feathers of a Hawk. On completion of the logo, we set out the company brand guidelines to be followed for all future activity, ensuring all communication are streamlined and on-brand.

A bespoke website design with the all-important flexibility needed to remain relevant as the business expands.

The focus of the new Glenhawk website was to be as user-friendly as possible, allowing users to easily navigate and see all the services Glenhawk offer in a succinct and simple way. This was achieved through a minimalist design that included custom icons to assist with navigation.

The website needed to be flexible to allow room to simply make changes in line with the company’s future expansion. The menu design allows for new categories and services to be added easily through the CMS. Rooster also developed a bespoke online application process that simplified a tricky and complicated process into one clear to use page.

The result

In the first quarter since the website was launched we’ve seen very strong engagement metrics, with users staying for over 3 minutes per session for almost 3 pages a time. The simplified user journey and application has cut down the long application process. The website’s bounce rate is at 31% which is very low for this industry. Applications online have risen during this time, seeing a strong conversion rate of 3.65%, which is impressive in a notoriously competitive market.