Increasing patient engagement through bespoke website landing page creation combined with interactive digital content design.

Responsive web design, web development, SEO, PPC advertising, 3D animation, CGI

GenesisCare are expert providers of private Image Guided Radiotherapy (IGRT) and Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy (IMRT), radiotherapy treatments. They treat a wide range of cancers, from bladder, bowel and breast cancer to prostate and pancreas. They have 12 dedicated radiotherapy centres across the country, working with leading specialist consultants across each region.

Genesis Care commissioned Rooster to design and build a selection of breast health practice website landing pages and microsites to strengthen their brand and raise awareness across the UK. This was boosted with SEO and PPC to ensure relevant traffic was coming through to these pages.

Creating a digital partnership to provide bespoke landing pages and microsites focused on the patient’s needs

Rooster designed, developed and continue to provide assistance for three fully responsive landing pages, each of which works to support the company’s private breast health practices. These microsites are wholly focused on patient assistance, providing downloadable PDF information leaflets, consultant details and a step-by-step guide to contact GenesisCare and book an appointment.

Creating a successful SEO strategy targeting valuable keywords in a highly competitive marketplace

To support these microsites we’ve worked closely with GenesisCare UK to create an SEO strategy that focuses on capturing those looking for private radiotherapy treatment for cancer and benign conditions. Successfully we have increased and maintained their strong search positioning for their brand, ranking first for Private Radiotherapy in the UK.

Boosted search presence across appropriate targeted keywords which resulted in higher traffic to the website at a low CPC

In terms of PPC, which was initially proposed to boost the search presence for their migration from Cancer Partners UK to GenesisCare UK, we promoted their highly targeted services through specialist locations across the UK and we’ve grown traffic to their website by over 34% in 10 months.

Bringing a body map to life through interactive patient-focused design, allowing for information to be easily digested

We also assisted in creating visuals for a specialist GP Referral leaflet and an Interactive Body Map. This map is a dynamic and interactive animation that depicts the most common cancer sites in the human body. Once located these sites provide clickable information that will take patients through to further information, treatment options and ways to get in touch.

“Rooster deliver. But, it’s not as simple as that. No matter what the deadline is, the team provides thought out solutions and added value through looking at projects in different ways. Being easy people to work with just makes Rooster a well-rounded proposition.”

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