Marketing a global leader in cancer treatment.

Branding, website design, art direction, graphic design, marketing consultancy

Elekta is a specialist manufacturer of radiotherapy technology, IGRT, IMRT and VMAT. They create solutions for treating cancer and brain disorders, helping clinicians deliver personalised care for every patient.

Rooster carried out brand research that covered every area of Elekta’s business. Since then, we have functioned as a support arm to Elekta’s global marketing teams. The Rooster team assists with website design and development, internal communications, sales presentations and toolkits, workshops, marketing, product development, value propositions and strategy consultancy. And our relationship continues to grow.

Creative digital solutions for Elekta’s concepts.

Rooster has worked closely with Elekta on a series of different digital creations. We’ve helped with the design, development and launch of microsites for specific products. Some design elements and styles have been incorporated into their current website. Elekta is constantly improving and developing new products, which means our marketing material has to be produced quickly and creatively.

Elekta required an easy way to present the information needed by potential customers from their sales representatives meetings. This was challenging, due to the amount of information for each product and for the overall brand. We faced this by working with Elekta, to understand what their customers are most interested in when purchasing and the FAQs they have. From there, we designed and developed a series of interactive playbooks. These playbooks served as sales tools to help customers understand each product in depth, emailed to them after meetings to aid their decision making.

Rooster has taken on several technical challenges set by Elekta, including the development of a finance calculator. Elekta wanted to create a section on their website that actively calculated ROI on each machine, based on individual customer requirements. Our development team solved this problem by creating a JavaScript web application that calculates ROI based on operational costs, in real time.

Our calculator has contributed to sales – making it an effective and important sales tool.

Designing a brand identity and name for new product development.

Our primary task with Elekta was to create a brand identity for a new product. It required a visual presence, and a name – to give internal teams and external bodies something to refer to during development. We had to understand the intricacies of what the product offered and the requirements of marketing prior to any creative work. Understanding the audience of investors and end-use clients was critical to the development of original branding and identity.

The product, an MRI scanner and Linear Accelerator, is a machine that allows procedures to take place whilst being scanned, for accurate and rapid treatment.

The product took on a variety of different names during development and commissioning. Rooster photographed the machine, ultimately named Unity, and helped the Elekta team with launching it commercially through digital marketing campaigns and website updates.

Global art direction and photography.

Rooster has directed and executed several photography projects with Elekta. We’ve provided our own professional photographers for UK shoots, and sourced trusted suppliers for international requirements. Our work includes shooting product images, office photography and most recently, the Unity product.

We take additional measures when it comes to photography for Elekta; casting models that are reflective of the world, and adjusting the content and subject matter to appeal to international faiths and cultures. We also review their internal and international communications, for worldwide brand consistency.

Enforcing the brand on digital platforms.

We created a comprehensive set of digital brand guidelines that clearly enforce every aspect of brand application on digital platforms. This work ensures that the Elekta brand is aligned everywhere – on the website, in video and animation, as well as in AR and emerging technologies. The project started with extensive research into current brand use and covered the breadth of the current guidelines. An easy to use guide will be produced for all marketing executives and staff.

A strong relationship, for creative solutions.

Elekta leans on Rooster for support in the majority of their marketing. The organisation trusts our expertise, our deep understanding of their products and our knowledge of their marketplace. We have supported their business over the course of our relationship with training sessions, and have sat in on high-level marketing meetings to provide advice and ideas.

Elekta frequently comes to Rooster to find ways of realising the ideas they have – and we find creative, effective solutions for them. This collaborative approach brought about the ROI tool, interactive playbooks and our latest digital brand guidelines project.

Next steps for Elekta and Rooster.

Our relationship with Elekta continues to grow, supporting the CEO, working as official brand guardians and delivering our best work. Elekta trusts in us for support across their brand and marketing, and we look forward to every challenge waiting for us in the future.

Shaina Pearce
VP Global Marketing Communications

“We’ve worked with Rooster for several years now and we always go back to them to take on new projects together. They have become an extension of our internal team. From day 1 the relationship has been collaborative with great brainstorming sessions. They are always willing to take on the challenge, whether it is related to digital marketing or working on a new brand concept. They take the time to understand our company culture and values as well as the products and market we serve. Always a pleasure working with the Rooster team.”