A new brand and digital experience.

Brand identity, responsive web design, web development, mobile apps, SEO

Ebb & Flow is a family-run yoga studio based in Farnham, managed by mother Jill and daughter Katy. Jill and Katy first contacted Rooster when Ebb & Flow was pre start-up and when their beautifully designed studio was still in construction.

In need of a brand identity, Rooster turned Ebb & Flow’s ideas into a reality, with branding that emulates the very nature of the company. As a full-service marketing agency, we’ve since incorporated Ebb & Flow’s brand across multiple platforms, including a new website and a customised mobile app, allowing customers to book on both iOS and Android.

A seamless brand identity

As Ebb & Flow are not the only yoga studio in the area, and for Jill and Katy to succeed, it was important for the studio’s unique USPs to be woven into the brand identity. As a premium yoga offering, the identity had to personify luxury, convenience and quality, and create the sense of desire that makes upmarket brands successful.

The result was a very considered brand, down to the smallest details, including a colour scheme that matched those planned for the studio interior. As part of the branding, we created a full logo and icon as well as studio signage.

To finish, we supplied Ebb & Flow with identity guidelines, ensuring that their brand is not diluted across platforms such as social media and printed materials.

Not just a beautiful website

The Ebb & Flow website was designed to be very visually pleasing. It sparks a desire to buy into the brand and become a part of the Ebb & Flow yoga community.

But the Ebb & Flow website isn’t just pretty – it’s smart too, built with an online booking and payment system.

Ebb & Flow chose to use a third party organisation, Mind and Body – a leader in software for appointment-based businesses. Rooster worked with Mind and Body to integrate the software, allowing for a seamless booking and payment experience on the website.

Custom branding for a third party app

As with any booking system, it should work coherently across different applications – and this was no different for Ebb & Flow, who continued to use Mind and Body software for their mobile app. It was important, however, to ensure a consistent user experience across different touchpoints. So, Rooster worked with Mind and Body to reskin their application, adding Ebb & Flow’s own branding.