Capturing history with character.

Art direction, photography, responsive web design

Downside came to Rooster looking for a compelling website for Downside School – a stunning, historic independent boarding and day school – and Downside Abbey, a Grade 1 listed Minor Basilica. The brief was simple; integrate all four aspects of Downside life seamlessly into one offering: The School, The Monastery, The library and Old Gregorians.

An award-winning website.

Rooster delivered a website that unified The School, Monastery, Library and Old Gregorians. Each element was seamlessly combined into one beautifully responsively site. This was achieved through an extensive Audience and Outcomes exercise, which gave us a complete understanding of the offering and highlighted key audiences.

60% increase in unique visitors to Downside’s website over 6 months.

Claire Wass
Marketing Manager, Downside School

“Rooster have been amazing throughout the whole video and website project, we can’t thank them enough.”

Capturing Downside’s unique personality.

Because of Downside’s astonishing setting, a visual website was needed. To achieve this, we carried out a carefully planned photoshoot that would visually tie each individual aspect of school life together. The results of the photoshoot perfectly captured Downside’s unique personality.

That’s because we ensured that the people and their personalities were front and centre of each image, with the spectacular buildings taking a back seat to the people telling Downside’s story. An inspiring set of videos were storyboarded, shot and edited for Downside – and each video, like the one featured above, celebrates the school’s facilities, pupils and breathtaking surroundings.

Digital marketing strategy.

Downside was already an extremely prominent school in the local catholic community. We created an SEO strategy to promote the school and their sixth form boarding further around the UK. Our strategy targeted prospective parents planning for their children’s future, and brought the school’s unique character closer to them. We continue to work with Downside to focus a PPC advertising campaign on marketing to local areas around the school.

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