Focusing on the detail.

Art Direction, Brand Identity, Photography, Web Design

Celab is a leading British designer, engineer and manufacturer of rugged power supplies. These power supplies are for use across a variety of demanding environments from on land, at sea and in the air.

Photography to capture brand identity.

To populate the new website with imagery that complemented the new design, Rooster Marketing directed and organised a Photoshoot at Celab. The aim for this was to portray Celab as the high-end, clean and professional company that they are.

Customer insights that informed website design.

At Rooster Marketing, we are driven by results – and that means we use data to back up our decisions. With Celab, this data came from an audience and outcomes exercise, that provided a clear aim for the website: to make their clients’ lives easier, from the conception to the completion of a product or solution.

A website for all devices.

We worked with Celab to create a beautifully responsive website that catered not only to their audience but also their internal teams. With a fully customisable WordPress CMS alongside a stress-free navigation, we were able to make Celab’s objectives a reality; giving confidence back to their brand.

A results driven project.

The results from the new website have been outstanding. The website has given Celab the foundations to show off their brand, making them a top choice for current and potential audiences looking for a power supply provider who can help them on their journey.

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