Reviving the Brymor brand with market research, a fresh design and a user-friendly website.

Market research, brand identity, brand guidelines, website design

Brymor is one of the largest independent construction companies in the UK, recently named Business of the Year. Since 1987, Brymor has grown from a husband and wife team into a collective of over 150 people, across offices in Dorset and Hampshire.

Brymor came to Rooster with an ageing website and dated branding. Inconsistencies in branding had over the years amounted to a heavily diluted brand. Brymor was ready to elevate their image and tie their branding together – and to do that, they needed to know what their customer base really thought of them.

Insights from Brymor’s customers, through market research

Rooster planned, created and distributed an online survey. It was sent to a wide sample of Brymor’s customers, with questions covering everything from brand perception to their own experiences working with Brymor. The initial survey questions were followed by a smaller number of telephone interviews with customers.

We used the insight gained to create a detailed report, outlining the results of the market research with recommendations for improvement. The results of our research informed the brand refresh and the new website design, helping Brymor to connect with their audience in a deeper, more appropriate way.

Reviving the brand and ensuring continuity

The Brymor Group is the parent company of Brymor Construction and Brymor Special Works. Both specialise in high-end, safety-focused construction projects – but these similarities had caused the sub-brands to smear into each other and lose individuality.

We reviewed the Brymor brand and its usage, and discovered a large number of inconsistencies. We documented the current usage and problem areas, which we combined with our market research findings. By eliminating outliers and focusing on Brymor’s core values, we developed a brand hierarchy with clear distinctions.

Each element was subtly changed; the font was modernised, and Brymor’s prominent red colouring was brightened to offer a more professional, refined look.

Rooster created a new set of brand guidelines, covering tone of voice and brand application. From logo use and strapline requirements to van livery, we considered all the different ways the brand could be used and provided clear instructions on how to maintain continuity. This document is used by Brymor staff to ensure that the brand is unified in all of their materials.

A user-led website design with brand at the core

Brymor’s previous website was beginning to look dated. Staff were having difficulties updating and adding content. Rooster worked closely with the Brymor team to design and develop a new responsive website – designed within the new brand guidelines.

We developed a website with a user-friendly CMS, allowing Brymor to easily make changes when needed. We also gave two members of the Brymor team full CMS training, enabling them to use the site to its full potential.

The design itself was very concise. By cutting elements away from the previous site, we made navigation and use as simple and user-friendly as possible. These changes have had a profound effect on how users interact with the site; bounce rate has been significantly reduced and engagement with the site is up.

Trusted guardians of the Brymor brand

Rooster has become a guardian of the Brymor brand. We provided support through the brand roll out – and now, we give ongoing consultancy and assistance with brand use and marketing. We’ve created InDesign templates for collateral like case studies and tender documents, and have given guidance on content production.

By really getting to know Brymor, we function as an addition to their marketing team – not as a standalone entity – and we see a long, trusting relationship with Brymor ahead.

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