Moving a brand from property to lifestyle.

Brand development, web design, market research, brand strategy

For a new development in a woodland village, Bargate Homes wanted to promote a lifestyle – not just their homes.

Rooster developed a concept and a style that transformed a property brochure into a piece lifestyle branding that echoes Bargate’s brand values.

How Rooster helped.

Bargate Homes build high quality, stylish new homes in desirable locations throughout Hampshire. They consulted and hired Rooster to deliver a luxurious brochure for a new development, with a focus on nature.

We adopted the Scandinavian concept of hygge to promote Ashwood – a new development in Medstead. Inspiration came from the natural land surrounding the development. Hygge, which has no direct translation in English, is about closeness to nature, comfort and living well – all of which are the desirable qualities we wanted the brochure to portray.

Capturing a lifestyle with photography.

Rooster produced a range of photography and video suitable for use across marketing platforms – including brochures, social media and email campaigns.

We captured compelling visuals, in the bokeh style, to showcase the homes built by Bargate as well as the surrounding village and its immersion in nature. The imagery, designs and layout combined to form the ‘Bargate Lifestyle’.

Our goal was to sell a desirable lifestyle that people could imagine living themselves. We thoughtfully selected props to use for interior shots, and captured people enjoying the environment and relaxing.

Our Art Director managed every shot, paying close attention to details, in order to achieve Bargate’s goals. The photoshoots followed a particular style, using colour and depth of field to draw the viewer in. Every image was colour adjusted for vibrancy and punch, carefully edited in our studio at The Mill, to make them print and digital ready.

A uniquely Bargate brochure.

Rooster designed a luxurious brochure, inspired by the Scandinavian concept of hygge. We worked with Bargate to develop a look and feel outside of their usual style – but referred to their brand values as a framework for the Ashwood brochure.

The theme of hygge matched perfectly with Ashwood’s blissful setting, the decor and feel of the homes we shot – and with the lifestyle that Bargate wanted to portray.

We reinforced this lifestyle with carefully considered copywriting – conversational and relaxed, loaded with metaphor and imagery. Phrases like ‘a life worth living’ and ‘live life to the full’ encouraged the idea of a better life at Ashwood. We selected photography that best complimented the messaging, using large images of modern rooms propped with contemporary furniture.

From the start, Bargate showed interest in a layflat binding for the brochure. This allowed us to join images and text seamlessly across pages – giving the brochure a panoramic, epic feel. We specified a heavier stock to give the brochure substance, and a satisfying weight in the hand – a piece of Ashwood that Bargate’s customers could keep for a lifetime.

The result was a beautiful, tactile brochure that lives and breathes Bargate’s values.

Taking campaigns further – with social media.

Rooster worked to create a detailed audience and brand-focused social media strategy. Our specialist knowledge of social media and our client allowed us to create meaningful campaigns that blended with all other marketing activity – delivered at key times, on the most relevant channels.

We used Instagram and Facebook to promote marketing events and brand messages, creating images with stylised copywriting for posts. We also used Facebook events, and Instagram Stories to engage users in real time. We scheduled Facebook and Instagram posts to coincide with related marketing activities, such as emailers and events, and worked alongside the Bargate team at all times.

Creative brand awareness.

Rooster partnered with Bargate Homes to create brand awareness campaigns, contributing creative new ideas and helping Bargate to execute them. We delivered campaigns that engaged and delighted the growing Bargate community.

We organised a Halloween social media campaign, supplying pumpkins, carving kits and sweet tubs. We packaged and delivered these Halloween surprises to Bargate homeowners, with specially designed and printed Halloween greetings cards that encouraged homeowners to share their creations on social media with the hashtag #BargateHomes.

A continued partnership.

We’re still working closely with Bargate – tasked with naming three confirmed new developments in Hampshire, and designing brochures for each. We have a wonderful, trusting relationship with Bargate that everyone enjoys being part of. We hold regular meetings to express new ideas and report on progress – and in doing so, have realised that this is only the beginning of an incredible journey for Bargate and Rooster.