A property brand for life.

Photography, marketing support, graphic design and website development

Alfred Homes is a property developer based in Winchester, Hampshire. They create exceptional homes that are sympathetically designed to fit the local area and feature high specification finishing, for 21st-century living. Their reputation is for doing things differently – delivering quality and expertise with every build.

Designing a new luxury brand.

Alfred Homes was new to the market and had to quickly create a name for themselves among potential customers, investors and landowners. The brand needed to be stylish – but it also had to invoke a feeling of heritage and legacy. It had to look historic and established.

Rooster created the iconic Alfred Homes logo, featuring King Alfred’s sword, which ties the brand historically and geographically to Winchester.

A clean, user-friendly website experience.

Rooster designed and developed Alfred Homes’ first website, to fit with the new branding. Our focus was on clean and crisp design, with the same luxury feel as the homes they build. It was simple and easy to use, encouraging users to contact and engage with the company. We shot a selection of black and white images specifically for use on the website, framed perfectly for their intended use and in keeping with the luxury look and feel.

Marketing that connects digital and print.

We worked closely with Alfred Homes to fulfil marketing requirements for both the Piper Gardens and Bluebell Hill developments. Both developments performed beyond expectation, and Bluebell Hill was sold completely, off-plan, prior to the launch evening.

Rooster created brochures, advertising pieces, signage, hoardings and marketing collateral for each development. Each piece of work tied the brand and digital experience together with consistency – strengthening the brand every time it was seen.

Since working with Alfred Homes they have gone on to expand their portfolio of developments even further, growing across the country. The brand continues to radiate excellence and tradition – and the logo remains unchanged from the original, created by Rooster.

Other projects.