Evolving a luxury brand.

Market research, brand identity, website design, content creation, SEO & PPC

ACC Aviation is one of the world most respected aviation specialists, offering aircraft charter, ACMI and interiors refurbishment. Since 2002 they have been chartering private jets to customers worldwide, making it their mission to deliver innovative, bespoke aviation solutions to clients around the globe. They are fiercely proud of the strong relationships they maintain in the aviation industry alongside their expert teams that ensure quality service for their clients.

Giving audiences what they want.

We ran a selection of group audience and outcomes sessions alongside telephone calls to international staff to discover how the brand is perceived and used across various media channels. These sessions combined with Rooster’s expert knowledge in branding identified some key areas that required attention. Namely the need to show customers who the ACC group are, that they are a collection of three specialist services.

Protecting brand integrity.

We helped to evolve the brand further by tweaking the well-known legacy logo to portray this, then developed a set of in-depth brand guidelines for the main brand and subsidiaries. These guidelines show all the possible ways the brand can be used, examples of how you shouldn’t use it alongside colour hierarchy and even image guides for each subsidiary. It’s a growing project that we still add to regularly, and the client implements across all communications.

Focusing on the customer.

Our work with ACC began with their need to improve their existing website to push their business further. We worked with them to understand the challenges faced with their current site, and also in their market and across the business itself. This showed us that they really required a new site to accommodate their vision, which wasn’t necessarily on the cards at the start. Our talented developers worked to fix their existing site, and make some updates to help evolve the site towards where it needed to be. Our open communication style allowed us to explain the benefits of creating a new site vs. working with the current one and it’s challenges. After some consideration, it was agreed the new website would be essential, and more importantly more cost-effective over time than keeping the current one.

The new responsive site was launched in November 2018, after a careful planning period which considered the needs of the client and their customers. ACC’s business has three arms, Interiors, Charter and ACMI which all needed to be represented individually, whilst coming under the ACC Group umbrella. Using the brand guidelines we created we implemented these alongside some learnings from those early review sessions to create a responsive, user-friendly customer experience on the website. It matches the brand and subsidiaries exactly, down to the tone of voice for each and image selection based on the guides.

Expertly crafted, brand-first digital content.

Rooster has worked closely with ACC on their digital content. We’re their go-to for not only blog posts, but various other copywriting needs online. We understand their brand tone of voice and how to apply it in various media channels, this combined with our in-depth knowledge of their business and various audiences means we’re always crafting customer-focused content at all times.

Recently we’ve been tasked with reviewing all website copy for the new website, to ensure it’s not only in the correct tone of voice, but it also appeals to each individual audience for all three areas of their business. We undertook this momentous task and delivered effective, interesting and brand-friendly copy within the timeframe needed to go live.

Optimising for success in search.

We’ve been working on ACC’s SEO since 2017, ensuring we’re appearing at the top for relevant searches. We worked alongside the marketing team to identify their most profitable keywords, which we combined with appropriate keywords from our research. Using these keywords we crafted articles that not only helped improve rankings but showed ACC’s authority and experience to their customers. We also worked to resolve any technical errors that impacted the site during this time, from broken images and links to page errors and duplicate content issues. This included helping to migrate the old site to the new one without any disruption. In the first year alone we improved rankings significantly, rising 931 places and having the majority of the keywords on the first page of the SERPs.

Reviving a PPC campaign.

Rooster inherited ACC’s PPC campaign from another agency and it was quickly clear there was a lot of work to do to make it perform to a much higher standard. We worked to review the keywords, culling any low performing ones before restructuring the account into an easily manageable and logical layout. This made reporting for the client far easier as well as allowing them to log in and view activity at any time. We’ve continued to optimise the campaigns on a regular basis, ensuring we’re bidding appropriately to show at the top spots in the SERPs when required. We frequently review ad copy, focusing on elements that generate the best performance moving forward. Since starting activity we’ve cut down on unprofitable impressions and clicks, improved CTR by 77.36% and their increased search impression share all whilst generating high-quality conversions.

The future…

Rooster continue to work with ACC, supporting the launch of the new site and working to ensure SEO and PPC activity performs well. We look forward to the next challenge faced for this luxury brand and how we can work together to overcome it.

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